6 Best Rooftop Bars in Long Beach California

Long Beach California boasts an array of stunning rooftop bars each offering a unique blend of panoramic views, delectable cuisine and vibrant atmospheres. From the coastal charm of BO-Beau Kitchen’s rooftop fusion to the Mexican flair of Mezcalero Long Beach, these establishments cater to every palate and preference. 

Whether indulging in Italian-American delights at Michael’s On Naples Ristorante or savoring harbor vistas at Ballast Point, visitors are treated to an unforgettable rooftop experience that captures the essence of Southern California living. 

With options like Padre’s lively ambiance and The Bungalow Kitchen’s seaside elegance Long Beach’s rooftop scene promises an elevated escape for locals and tourists alike where every sip and skyline view becomes a cherished memory.

1. BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap

BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap is a standout destination among Long Beach’s rooftop bars combining coastal cuisine with a stylish rooftop setting. Situated in the heart of Long Beach this establishment offers an innovative menu featuring California-French dishes like pizza fries burgers and fresh salads. 

The rooftop bar boasts a full selection of drinks including wine cocktails and craft beers making it an ideal spot for any occasion. Guests can also enjoy table tennis and board games while taking in stunning views of the Long Beach city skyline.

 BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap

  • Located in the heart of Long Beach
  • Offers a unique blend of coastal cuisine and California-French dishes
  • Menu includes items like pizza fries burgers and fresh salads
  • Rooftop bar with a wide selection of Rooftop Bars drinks including wine cocktails and craft beers
  • Guests can enjoy games like table tennis and board games
  • Breathtaking views of the Long Beach city skyline
  • Ideal for both romantic evenings and casual gatherings with friends

2. Mezcalero Long Beach

Mezcalero Long Beach is a vibrant rooftop destination nestled in the heart of Long Beach California. Renowned for its Mexican-inspired Rooftop Bars cuisine and refreshing drinks Mezcalero offers a delightful array of dishes such as tacos and tortillas perfectly complemented by their specialty mezcal-based cocktails. 

With a relaxed ambiance and rooftop views, it is the ideal spot for casual get-togethers or festive celebrations drawing crowds for its discounted taco offerings on Tuesdays and enticing happy hour specials.

Mezcalero Long Beach

  • Located in the heart of Long Beach, California
  • Offers a fusion of Mexican-inspired cuisine and vibrant rooftop vibes
  • Features a diverse menu including traditional tacos and inventive mezcal-based cocktails
  • Popular spot for casual gatherings, lively celebrations, and laid-back evenings
  • Relaxed ambiance with scenic rooftop views perfect for enjoying the essence of Mexico

3. Michael’s on Naples Ristorante

Michael’s on Naples Ristorante is an esteemed rooftop establishment nestled in Long Beach California renowned for its exquisite fusion of Italian and American cuisine paired with captivating rooftop vistas. 

Situated along East 2nd Street this upscale eatery offers an Rooftop Bars array of mouth-watering dishes such as pizza pork chops and perfectly-seared steak complemented by a selection of craft cocktails wines and mocktails. 

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Its inviting outdoor patio and panoramic views of the city Michael’s on Naples Ristorante provides an elegant setting for intimate dinners casual business meets or simply unwinding with loved ones while indulging in culinary delights amidst the charming ambiance of Long Beach.

Michael’s on Naples Ristorante

  • Michael’s on Naples Ristorante
  • Located in Long Beach, California
  • Offers a fusion of Italian and American cuisine
  • Menu includes dishes like pizza, pork chops, and perfectly-seared steak
  • Extensive selection of craft cocktails, wines and mocktails
  • Inviting outdoor patio with panoramic views of the city
  • Ideal for intimate dinners, casual business meetings or unwinding with loved ones
Best Rooftop Bars in Long Beach California

4. Ballast Point

Ballast Point situated in Long Beach California stands out as a premier rooftop destination offering an unparalleled harborside experience. With its expansive deck overlooking the water this establishment provides guests with a perfect blend of ocean breezes stunning views and delectable bar fare. 

Boasting over 60 beers on tap and a menu featuring classic favorites like burgers and fries, Ballast Point offers a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere suitable for solo visits group gatherings and quick business lunches. 

Ballast Point

  • Located in Long Beach, California
  • Offers a harborside rooftop experience
  • Expansive deck overlooking the water
  • Menu includes over 60 beers on tap and classic bar fare like burgers and fries
  • Relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere suitable for solo visits, group gatherings, and business lunches
  • Outdoor patio with fire pits for cozy evenings
  • Captures the essence of Long Beach’s coastal charm

5. Padre Long Beach

Padre Long Beach nestled in downtown Long Beach California is a bustling rooftop destination known for its unique dining experience and captivating city views. With its vibrant atmosphere and open-air rooftop terrace Padre offers guests an opportunity to savor delicious cuisine while taking in the dynamic city skyline. 

Whether indulging in tacos and tortillas or sampling their renowned margaritas, patrons are treated to an array of flavors that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Mexico. 

Its welcoming patio and array of activities including discounted taco nights and happy hour specials Padre invites guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of downtown Long Beach while enjoying a memorable rooftop experience.

Padre Long Beach

  • Located in downtown Long Beach, California
  • Bustling rooftop destination with captivating city views
  • Vibrant atmosphere and open-air rooftop terrace
  • Offers a unique dining experience with Mexican-inspired cuisine
  • Renowned for tacos, tortillas and signature margaritas
  • Hosts daily happy hours and Taco Tuesdays
  • Popular spot for casual outings birthday celebrations and Sunday Fundays

6. The Bungalow Kitchen

The Bungalow Kitchen situated in Long Beach California is a standout rooftop restaurant renowned for its breathtaking waterfront views and eclectic menu offerings. Perched on the second floor of the 2nd and PCH retail center at Belmont Shore this establishment boasts unrivaled vistas of Alamitos Bay Marina making it an idyllic spot to enjoy a meal while watching the sunset or sunrise. 

With its refreshing SoCal aesthetics and punk-rockish ambiance The Bungalow Kitchen offers a unique dining experience that perfectly captures the essence of coastal living. 

Founded on creativity and innovation The Bungalow Kitchen elevates the rooftop dining experience in Long Beach with its inventive cuisine and picturesque setting. Whether you are seeking a romantic dinner or a lively gathering with friends, this rooftop gem delivers on all fronts, inviting guests to indulge in delectable flavors while reveling in the beauty of Alamitos Bay Marina.

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The Bungalow Kitchen

  •  Located in Long Beach, California
  •  Positioned on the second floor of the 2nd and PCH retail center at Belmont Shore
  • Offers unparalleled views of Alamitos Bay Marina
  • Embraces refreshing and punk-rockish SoCal aesthetics
  • Menu curated by James Beard award-winning chef Michael Mina
  • Features fresh seafood dishes like oysters and broiled sea bass
  • Creative options include the short rib ‘pop-tart’ and lobster pot pie
Best Rooftop Bars in Long Beach California

Frequently Asked questions

What are the top attractions or features of the rooftop bars in Long Beach, California?

The rooftop bars in Long Beach offer stunning views of the city skyline and ocean along with delicious food and a variety of drinks. Many also have outdoor seating areas and unique ambiance.

How can I make reservations at one of the rooftop bars mentioned in the list?

Reservations can typically be made through the restaurant’s website or by calling the establishment directly. It is advisable to check their reservation policies and availability in advance, especially during peak times.

Are the rooftop bars family-friendly, or are they more suited for adults?

While some rooftop bars may cater more to adults with their cocktail menus and ambiance, others may welcome families during certain hours or offer a more relaxed atmosphere suitable for all ages. 

4. Do any of the rooftop bars offer special events or entertainment, such as live music or themed nights?

 Some rooftop bars may host special events, live music performances, or themed nights to enhance the guest experience. Check their event calendars or social media pages for updates on upcoming events and entertainment options.

Are there any specific COVID-19 safety measures or guidelines in place at these rooftop bars?

Many rooftop bars have implemented COVID-19 safety measures such as reduced capacity enhanced cleaning protocols and social distancing measures. Additionally, some may require reservations or have outdoor seating options to allow for better airflow 


Long Beach California boasts a vibrant rooftop bar scene offering a diverse array of experiences for locals and visitors alike. From stunning views of the city skyline to refreshing ocean breezes each rooftop bar brings its own unique charm and ambiance to the table. 

Whether you are indulging in coastal cuisine at BO-Beau Kitchen enjoying Mexican-inspired delights at Mezcalero or sipping cocktails with harbor views at Ballast Point these rooftop destinations offer something for everyone to enjoy. 

With their inviting atmospheres delicious food and drinks and memorable vistas, the six best rooftop bars in Long Beach promise unforgettable experiences and a taste of the city’s vibrant culture and lifestyle. 

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